Choral conductors know that it's not easy to find good sacred choral music. We love the masterworks of the past, but today's busy choirs don't always have the time—or, sadly, the skills—to prepare them properly. Today's composers have created a seemingly endless supply of one-rehearsal wonders—but most of the time, when you compare these simple works to the masterworks of the past, you find that they're missing something crucial: they lack depth—musically, intellectually, and theologically.

You're looking for something with strength and power, something with "classical" quality and "classical" sound...but something that's simple enough that your choir can learn it—and excel at it—with only a few rehearsals. You need something with depth, something with power...something that can make your humble church resound with the awesome majesty of a great cathedral.

Your problems are solved. With the Easy-to-Master Masterworks™ of Robert Parker Music, your choir will rediscover the richness of the classical sound in new, fresh, and exciting works that are comfortably within the range of today's volunteer choruses. With the music of Robert Parker, "classical" doesn't mean antiquarian or out of touch with the modern world...and it certainly doesn't mean "hard to sing." But it does mean a memorable, enjoyable, and moving experience for choir and congregation alike.

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