The SACRED music of Robert Parker

In addition to his sacred works, Robert Parker is a prolific composer of incidental and source music for theatrical productions. It may seem odd to compose music for both the church and the theater...but both institutions are concerned with expressing the inexpressible, to help us find meaning in our lives' travails, to address and answer hard questions...and in both there is a place for music that conveys its messages elegantly, effectively, and (especially important in the theater, when sometimes you only have two or three seconds to musically set a mood) efficiently.

Incidental music for the theater is not a "soundtrack," in cinematic terms, and it requires completely different skills from the composer. The composer of a movie soundtrack writes to fixed, unchanging images; the theatrical composer must accommodate the actor's creative impulses that only emerge when they are "live" on stage. And most importantly, incidental music must do its work "invisibly": establishing a mood, underscoring and supporting the action on stage, but always—always—insuring that the actors remain the focus of attention. We can also provide source music (for example, a march to be heard coming from an on-stage radio, or the sounds of a dance band in the next room), or printed music for songs to be sung onstage, such as are called for in the plays of Shakespeare.

We can create music in an extremely wide range of moods and styles; some examples are available below.

A collection of music for theatrical classics is also available on CD, or downloadable from iTunes, Emusic, and many other distributors.

Purchase of theatrical "soundtracks" includes license to use them in your live theatrical production. Schools and other non-profit organizations may include the music on videos of the show at no extra charge, provided that full credit is given; contact us for details. We're also happy to work with organizations that may be not formally "non-profit" but operate in that economic category; please contact us for details.


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